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Our products are divided into two categories, Ultra-Portable and Mobile/Permanent, based on ease of mobility. Our Ultra-Portable Trailers can be delivered in as little as a few weeks.* Once there, they can be easily self-transported by a ¾-ton or larger truck. Our Mobile/Permanent Units offer added comforts, as well as aesthetic appeal and code conformity, and take just 8 to 16 weeks to deliver and set up, depending on your location.*

Whether you choose Ultra-Portable, Mobile/Permanent or a combination of both, we can help you determine the right mobile-housing solutions for your business.

  Ultra-Portable Products Mobile and Permanent Products
  Ultra-Portable Mobile/Permanent
Mobility Very easy to move with a ¾-ton or larger truck. No special permit required. DOT permitting required. Can remain on a steel I-beam chassis for added portability or placed on a more permanent foundation.
Set-Up Built on a permanent chassis for easy mobility. Fully self-contained once plugged into electric and water hook-ups. (On-board septic and water holding tanks.) Set up takes just a few hours. Fully self-contained once it is plugged in to electric and water hook-ups.
Aesthetics Standard RV-style aluminum siding or top-of-the line, GelCoat fiberglass siding option. Looks like a traditional site-built home or structure with your choice of standard log siding or optional cedar, cement-fiber or vinyl siding.
Comfort Designed to maximize the livable space. Living space varies by model. Typically larger than our Ultra-Portable line. Designed to look and feel like a site-built structure.
Code Adherence Falls under the rules and regulations for recreational vehicles. Built to state and local code requirements to be structurally identical to a site-built home or facility.
Delivery Delivered in as soon as a few weeks.* Delivered in just 8 to16 weeks.*
Customizability Can be customized to meet your needs. Can be customized to meet your needs.

* Average length of time for production and delivery. Delivery timelines cannot be guaranteed and vary based upon project complexity, site location and current production schedule.

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